A Look BenU’s Police Chief

Sophia Mattimiro

Police Chief Dave Anderson Photo Credit: Sophia Mattimiro

This past fall in October, Benedictine University welcomed a new police chief. With over 28 years of service under his belt, Police Chief Dave Anderson jumped right into his role in creating the community a better and safer place. As a Benedictine Alum, Chief Anderson has a great love for the community and wanting to help it grow.

Chief Anderson has already started to establish his vision for the future of the BenU police, students, staff, and faculty. He strives to strengthen the relationship between all community members and provide a supporting role in helping students reach their goals during and after their time at BenU.

“We want to partner with student groups to hold educational meetings; we’ve already reached out to some student groups,” said Chief Anderson.

The program Unity Partnership is another way Chief Anderson is hoping to better relations between the students and the police.

“It’s a group specifically geared towards community and police working together to build trust,” said Chief Anderson.

By bringing Unity Partnership to Benedictine, Chief Anderson hopes to strengthen the relationship between the police and the community outside of their regular roles. He is encouraging the officers to be more active on campus by attending events and meetings because they want to, not because they have to.

“Come meet me,” said Chief Anderson. “I am looking forward to mentoring and helping those who want to pursue that [criminal justice] career get internships, get contacts in the industry and move into the career path that they want to take.”
Chief Anderson believes in Benedictine’s goals, missions, and objectives and has been very grateful for his own time spent at BenU and looks forward to continuing to help others gain a similar experience.