MLK at BU: A Week of Remembrance and Awareness

Syeda Saberi
News Editor

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Benedictine University held a week of remembrance in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day this past week. This week consisted of several activities and panels as well as community service options for those who were willing to participate.

The center for mission ministry and inclusion held a community breakfast on Monday January 20th, in Goodwin where speaker Lucy Di Rosa, a director of content and communications at the Sargent Shriver Peace institute, gave a keynote speech, highlighting the importance of the week. The proceeds from this breakfast are to benefit the MLK Scholarship according to the daily herald*. The community service outreach events included a panel in which students from Benedictine were given the opportunity to work on community issues and social problems in an effort to emphasize MLK’s vision of the beloved community.

“I wasn’t able to attend the community service events but I thought it was really nice how we had a whole week dedicated [to MLK]. It makes the day more than just a day off from school and I can’t wait to see what other weeks of remembrance the school has planned” commented Wasey Abdul, a senior at Benedictine.

Dr. Rita George-Tvrtkovic also held an interfaith dialogue in which students of different religious backgrounds or those who do not affiliate with any religion came together to discuss social issues and what part their religion plays for them.

This week was geared towards public service actions and remembrance of Dr. King’s social service.