Kindlon Cafe Relocated to Goodwin

Syeda Saberi

News Editor

Photo credit: Heba Khan

The Kindlon Coffee Shop has closed its shutters for good and can now be found in Goodwin Hall’s Starbucks. Kindlon’s coffee shop had been under the works of being reconstructed and relocated since 2012 according to Chad Treisch, the chief operations officer at BU. The shop lacked essential eatery infrastructure such as sinks, refrigeration, and failure to meet delivery requirements. With the introduction of Benny’s by Aviands to campus, management at Benedictine has been discussing the renovation of all eateries on campus, including the Kindlon Coffee Shop.

“[The goal of this relocation] is to be innovative and support the delivery of a healthy variety of food and beverage options across campus” continued Treisch.

The Kindlon Coffee Shop served breakfast on the run, lunch packs, and drinks as well as provided a microwave and utensils for commuters. Now, students will need to head over to Krasa Student Center.

“I personally think that Starbucks is nice to have but the Kindlon shop was convenient because it gave me a variety of different foods to try and it was super quick and on the go. I have to wait in line behind 20 people when I’m at Starbucks and end up being late to class.” stated Kausar Khan, a senior at Benedictine.

Several students have voiced their complaints towards the relocation, and many are concerned that with Kindlon being the hub of activity on campus, the lack of an eatery there makes things inconvenient. With the atrium hosting a variety of events including bake sales and club tabling, having an eatery nearby made it easier for students to grab and go while enjoying the events.

“Starbucks, just a few steps away from the Kindlon Coffee Shop, will continue to provide students with a wide range of hot and cold quick serve food and beverage options. The University is also currently reviewing vending improvements campus wide,” said Treisch.