Candor Clips: US Edition

Syeda Saberi

News Editor

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Residents of Flint Michigan had filed a lawsuit against the city for the water contamination that led to the sickness of many residents around 2014 with the city fighting back. However, the federal court has recently ruled in favor of the residents due to the distribution of the unsafe water to the public. According to CNN, the court submitted the following statement: “Any reasonable official should have known that doing so constitutes conscience-shocking conduct prohibited by the substantive due process clause.”



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Richmond, Virginia held a peaceful gun rights rally this past Monday with thousands of protestors present. While the protestors held many flags and weapons, there was no violence as expected by local authorities. Several protestors carried militia style weapons, chanting the second amendment as they marched through the capitol, while those without weapons filed through metal detectors to enter Capitol Square. A democratic legislative subcommittee rejected republican sponsored bills to lift up heavy bans and laws on firearms the day after the protest. Some of the bills would have allowed concealed carry in Virginia and would allow firearms to be brought into public places such as places of worship.


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For those who are unaware of the recent changes made towards the recreational use of marijuana, it is now legal in the state of Illinois to use marijuana for recreational purposes. Residents over the age of 21 can purchase marijuana from licensed sellers without a medical card with around 295 dispensaries expected to open. Several residents who use medical marijuana have already begun to see a shortage with recreational sales skyrocketing. Alicia Neubauer, a Rockford resident with metastatic breast cancer states that since the legalization of marijuana in Illinois, she’s been having trouble finding products in stock that help her get past her pain. Currently, residents can legally possess 30 grams* of cannabis and are free to smoke in their homes or in cannabis related businesses. A recent Illinois supreme court case that has yet to be released will determine whether police can search cars based on smell for cannabis as it is illegal to use while in a motor vehicle.

What you need to know about marijuana legalization in Illinois