Syeda Saberi

News Editor

Google has recently announced that android users will now be able to use Google pay as a form of identification on campuses. Students and faculty members will be able to use this new upgrade in buildings that require card readers for entrance in laboratories, dorms, and tech rooms. Android users can also use this new feature to swipe in dining halls, campus laundries and vending machines. So far, 15 universities including John Hopkins, Mercer, Marshall and many more have already begun testing and implementing this new feature. Mercer University plans to launch the use of the Google Pay beginning the new semester.
While the Google Pay app is only for android users, students and faculty at Temple University. Have introduced their own app, one that functions the same way as Google Pay, but is compatible with both iPhone and Android. This app, OWLcard, allows students and faculty access to buildings, rec centers, labs, etc. without the hassle of carrying a physical card that can be lost. The app also allows students to check their balance and add money for laundry, dining, and printing. If a user loses their phone, they can simply lock the OWLcard reader until the phone is found or replaced, reducing the chance of misuse. At Benedictine, students who’ve lost their physical cards often have to pay a fee of around 20$.

Image courtesy of News Live TV