Student Organization Manual Undergoing Changes

Syeda Saberi

News Editor

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Benedictine University held a leadership council meeting this past Thursday, November 14th to discuss the changes that were made to the policies and procedures of the Student Organization manual. A draft copy was given to each club leader along with a briefing on the reviews made.

Advisors’ roles have been enunciated as the draft states that advisors will have to attend at least one GBM per semester and be present for any student events as the faculty/staff supervisor of the event.

“It’s hard enough that students have to work around their personal and school schedules to organize any events, but now we have the added task of working around a professor’s busy schedule.” stated Zainab Ahmed, President of the SPHINX club. “As adults, we should be able to host events if our supervisors are not available at the events that club members worked so hard to organize.”

Advisors will also be attending regular advising training sessions to “fully ensure advisor involvement in and mentoring of student organizations and to better track student involvement and campus engagement.”

Amongst the changes, clubs who actively donate to outside organizations will now have to submit a donation request form online to seek approval for donations. These donation requests will then be sent to the University Development Office where the requests will be approved or denied. The social media policy is undergoing changes as well.

Additionally, faculty meetings will be held the week of November 19th as well to go through the changes and students are encouraged to provide feedback on the changes made through November 30th, 2019.

“The ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive document that provides guidance for both student organizations and their advisors to ensure consistent, fair and specific processes that support Benedictine University’s educational program and co-curricular experience.” stated Marco Masini.

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