Joey Spahn
Sports Editor

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Over her past 4 years here at Benedictine, Emma Roberts has felt the positive impact of the sport grow on her thanks to her teammates, coaches and friends. All the things she’s learned throughout these past seasons has inspired her headband quote, “Keep the Focus on Fun”.
Over this past weekend, Emma Roberts won her third individual NACC conference championship race, which adds to her plethora of achievements and makes her one of Benedictine’s most decorated athletes.
“I am just so grateful that I have had teammates, coaches, and friends who have given me the support I needed over the past four years.” Said Roberts, “I think my accomplishments have made me come to appreciate them even more, and to another degree, I have come to appreciate myself in another way after witnessing my own mental and physical growth over this whole experience.”
None of her accomplishments have come easy, in fact, her weekly schedule is packed with all different types of training to prepare her for the next challenge. She runs six days a week, with different variations of runs, along with lifting three days a week to avoid injuries.
All her hard work has had a purpose. Being one of Benedictine’s most decorated athletes doesn’t come easy. She is the first ever runner to win three titles in conference history, is an all-conference runner, has won NACC runner of the year, won NACC freshman of the year, awarded CoSIDA academic all-American and has amounted 14 NACC athlete of the week awards.
“It feels almost surreal to acknowledge that my cross-country career is coming to a close” Said Roberts, “This sport has had such a positive impact on my life, and I will be sad when my final season comes to an end. However, one of the great unique elements of cross country is that you never have to really leave the sport.”

She continues to plan on running even after graduation and is excited about her next chapter in life. However, she is not done yet. The Benedictine women’s cross-country team is set to compete at the Midwest Regional Championship on November 16th at UW-Oshkosh in Wisconsin.

She mentioned her love for her teammates, who push her to get better every day. She cannot wait to watch her younger teammates grow and continue to get better and watch from a distance the success of the program.

Roberts added, “I am proud of all the work they put in, and it has been an absolute pleasure to get to know them over the years. In regard to my coaches Paul Zavala and Dr. Rubush, I want them to know that I am extremely thankful for all of the guidance, support, and friendship they have given me.”