Sajina Jacob

News Writer


The Center for Mission, Ministry, and Inclusion (CMMI) proudly introduced its new base of operations on Wednesday, October 30th. Students and faculty were invited to relax, have food, and get to know more about what CMMI does. During the open house there was a small introduction as well as a prayer from three different faith leaders. CMMI consists of four groups: the “Mission” group, represented by Dr. Peter Huff, celebrates the history and heritage of the university. The second is “Ministry,” is illustrated by the school’s Campus Ministry, and was represented at the event by Carol Allen. They plan programming and other things around liturgies, including Sunday mass and interfaith work. “Inclusion” includes Karl Constant who puts together many programs for students, and Bernadette Muloski who works with gender-based violence prevention. PEER educators also now have office hours in the Neff Center. They have resources to help those who have been victimized without being mandated to report.

One of the PEER educators, Natalie Discher, talked about her role at Neff; “We are here as a non-confidential resource for students. If you are having issues, or if you need help with something, they can come to us. We can give them some confidential help; we don’t have to report anything, but our job is to tell people they have the option to report if they need help.”

The move to Neff was a big one, and many were ready for the change. When asked what the biggest benefit of the move was, Muloski said “It reminds us of our history and our mission. It also to shows others in the community that the work we are doing is a part of our university mission, and that we stand for respect for one another and show hospitality as a university.”

Allen said, “It makes this a specific place to come. This is one spot that students, faculty, and alumni know they can come.”

At the end of the prayer, the Neff Center was adorned with a Mezuza, a small box with Biblical scriptures that signify a place of holiness, peace, and inclusion.