Amber Syed
Scene Editor

Kendall Jenner in her birthday costume during her photoshoot

Birthday parties are usually a big thing for anyone, but if you’re a Jenner, then it’s a huge thing.

Kendall Jenner had her 24th birthday party and a Halloween bash combined, on Friday night, but kept it a little less flashy for her after party. According to Refinery 29, she invited family and a couple close friends to the over-the-top costume party in West Hollywood.

Kendall’s stylist, Marni Senofonte, dressed her in all gold, including a gold crown and gold light-up wings. For her photoshoot she posed with a white horse.

According to Instyle, for her actual birthday she went for a drive with her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner and learned how to burn rubber and drift her sports car.

At the birthday party, her family and friends got her a cute cake with her baby picture that she blew out with her sister Kylie by her side.

After all the celebrations, the Kardashian and Jenner clan took a private jet back home to Los Angeles.