Amber Syed
Scene Editor

Selena Gomez during her interview on the Zack Sang Show

Selena Gomez released some new songs in just a couple days, and everyone’s been saying the songs are about Justin Bieber. Justin just got re-married a couple weeks ago with Hailey Baldwin.

Fans are saying the lyrics of the songs directly point to Selena’s relationship with Justin. The first day the song “Lose You to Love Myself” came out, Hailey posted a picture on her Instagram story of the song “I’ll Kill You”. She denied the shade towards Selena by commenting on Just Jared’s Instagram account, writing, “Please stop with this nonsense…there is no ‘response.’ This is complete BS.” She later deleted the comment. According to Cosmopolitan, Selena told fans on an Instagram Live, “I am so grateful for the response of the song. However, I will never stand for women tearing other women down. So please be kind to everyone.” She later added, “Please be kind, I don’t like seeing people being disrespectful or rude to other people, so please don’t do that.”

At first Selena denied her songs being about her prior relationship with Justin. She then opened up during an interview on the Zach Sang Show about her first love, as we all know, was Justin. She explained during her interview, her first relationship was very toxic. She also said during the interview she’s been “super, super single for two years” but chilling right now.