Amber Syed
Scene Editor

Swift and Alwyn walking on their way into the SNL after party

Taylor Swift appeared at the Saturday Night Live after party, holding hands with boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

According to People’s Magazine, the singer was seen on Saturday night with Alwyn as they headed into Zuma in New York for the SNL after party. According to Elle, Swift was dressed in a black blazer and sparkling pants.

Swift was a guest star on SNL and for the first time she performed her new song “False god” from her album Lover.

Swift typically keeps her relationship with Alwyn low-key, but she revealed that many of her new songs from Lover were inspired by her lover, Alwyn. According to People’s Magazine, Swift explained in an interview with Rolling Stone that she feels more comfortable putting her emotions about Alwyn into songs rather than talking about it in interviews.

This is a very different approach to Swifts relation when comparing it to her previous relationships. According to Elle, in an interview with The Guardian she explained that she’s learned some lessons from her previous relationships that has led her to keep her private life private.