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Hong Kong is looking to pass a law that prohibits the use of masks in the streets. Breaking this “colonial era emergency law” could result in imprisonment for up to a year. The law, which was meant to calm the 18 week* unrest, only triggered another wave of violence in which officials deployed tear gas, and a minor was shot. After four days of protests, the riots and clashes still continue in the streets of Hong Kong. Individuals have been arrested for illegally wearing face masks and the court rooms flooded with supporters wearing masks as well. The colonial era emergency regulations could be used to set curfews as well which was hinted by Chief Executive Carrie Lam.



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The Trump administration plans to block immigrants from entering if they cannot afford health care in the U.S.. Immigrants will be denied a U.S. Visa if they are unable to prove that they can obtain health insurance when in the U.S. Randy Capps, director of the U.S. programs research at the migration policy institute stated “The administration is on-the-record wanting to cut legal immigration, and particularly wanting to cut legal immigration of lower-skilled, lower-paid immigrants who are probably less likely to have health insurance coverage.” This new law will go into effect November 3rd, 2019.**



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Madrid decided to begin a mass slaughter of its monk parakeet population to reduce the illnesses and environmental risks brought by the screeching green avian. The ethical slaughter plan will begin with the sterilization of the eggs, and possibly relocate these birds to other locations. While there have been no incidents yet, the council of Madrid fears that these birds could spread diseases to humans such as psittacosis and bird flu. The parrot population, originally at 1,700 in 2005, has now reached to nearly 12,000 in 2019 with nearly 200 complaints from residents. The other risk posed by these birds is the 400-pound nests they build with the country’s vegetation which is left damaged during the nest building process.***



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Thailand’s elephant death toll rose to 11 in just 4 days this past Tuesday when a drone found the bodies of 5 more elephants. A baby elephant had slipped and fallen into Hell’s Fall waterfall on Saturday and the others in the herd were unable to save it in time. 6 more elephants had been found immediately after the same day when officials went out to investigate. “We assume that there were 13 elephants in this herd and two of them survived. We are 100% confident that two of them are alive as the officials saw them going out for food around the area of Haew Narok falls,” stated the governor of the Nakhorn Nayok province. Officials are proposing to build a walkway for future herds to prevent such a tragedy from reoccurring. ****