Amber Syed
Scene Editor

Man arrested at Singapore’s Changi Airport

People who misuse a boarding pass, such as buying refundable tickets to visit lounges, gain access to airport facilities, or restaurants, can be fined up to $20,000 and imprisoned for up to two years in Singapore.

Recently, a 27-year old man purchased a boarding pass at Singapore’s Changi Airport. The unidentified man purchased a ticket to escort his wife to her plane and send her off. It was a very sweet and kind gesture until he was taken into custody “for misusing his boarding pass at the transit area of Changi Airport,” the Singapore Police Force wrote in a post on Facebook.

According to authorities, misuse of a boarding pass is an “arrestable offence [sic]” in the Southeast Asian city-state because of the airport’s “protected places” status. This status is given to locations “where special measures are needed to control the movement and conduct of persons for public safety and security reasons,” according to the police website.

People make impulsive decisions in the name of love but sometimes you have to think through the ideas. A man that tried to do a sweet thing for his wife ended up having to pay a price larger than just a boarding ticket.

In some instances, an escort pass can be granted to individuals who will not be flying, but wish to help a loved one get to their gate. Typical usages for escort passes are to help relatives who are minors, elderly, or have a disability, get to their gate. Make sure to check with the airport before arriving if this is an offered option.