Ivanka Trump’s Fresh New Fall Cut

Amber Syed
Scene Editor

Ivanka Trump’s new hair cut


Ivanka Trump has continued to take on a more public role in her father’s administration as her stepmother, Melania Trump, stepped back from the spotlight. And she’s slowly changed her hair to match her newfound political responsibilities, too. Her cool tone blonde hair color might be on-trend, but it’s also considered a status symbol because it requires constant upkeep.

Throughout the first three years of President Trump’s administration, Ivanka slowly transitioned her honey blonde highlights to an icier tone. By the midterms, she was full-on platinum. Over the Labor Day weekend, she ditched her long locks for a chic, shoulder-length bob in her first major haircut since becoming a first daughter.

The new look, unveiled in a Twitter post on her account early Tuesday, features her signature bright blond color but adds a slight part to the side along with the shorter length. Some of the world’s most powerful women sport similar hairstyles: Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and former UK prime minister Theresa May, for example.

While Ivanka’s platinum hair color could signify power, her short bob could be a further attempt at revamping her aesthetic to prove to the world that she means business and her political ambitions should be taken seriously.