Sajina Jacob

Staff Writer

Students line up waiting their turn at the food trucks. Photo Credit: Sajina Jacob


Benedictine University once again hosted a “Food Truck Frenzy” for Thrilling Thursday this fall, but unlike in years past, it was hosted in the Quad rather than the Krasa parking lot. Tables were conveniently set up around the Quad and the sunny weather complimented the afternoon well. Students from all over campus came to participate and get their hands on some free food.

Some of the food trucks present included: “The Slide Ride” with sliders, “Kona Ice” with snow cones, and even a food truck which had funnel cake. The lines may have been long, but the student body did not seem to mind too much. Freshmen Shafeen Fatima and Ruqqaiya Fatima were among those waiting in the line of students. This was their first time participating in this event on campus.

“I’m looking forward to it, I’m hungry. My stomach was growling in the last class,” stated Shafeen. “I think I’m going to get a cupcake or funnel cake maybe. Or a grilled cheese,” Shafeen continued. These two and the rest of their friends had an enjoyable time with their common hour break. Benedictine’s

Programming Board was the one responsible for putting on this very successful and exciting event on campus once again.