Sajina Jacob

Staff Writer

Photo Credit: Sajina Jacob


On August 26th, 2019 Benedictine University celebrated the Grand Opening of “Benny’s”. Since June, Benedictine University and A’viands have been planning to renovate the Krasa dining hall to better serve students and faculty. A’viands contributed nearly $4 million to construction which had been going on since January of this year.

According to an announcement made by Executive Director Marlene Levine, Benedictine students were a part of the renovation process as well, suggesting ideas which incorporated into the design of space and menus. The new design offers custom, chef-operated meal stations that are spaced throughout the rest of the second-floor cafeteria space. This modern dining experience is welcomed by the students, but there were some concerns.

“If this is where our tuition money went, there could have been better uses.” stated one student, who also agrees that the new dining hall is “a step up” from the previous one.

All the time and minor inconveniences it may have caused paid off and produced a beautiful new dining experience for everyone on campus. The new dining area is definitely worth the visit; stop by alone or with our friends and see it for yourself.