The Rumors Might Be True

Sophia Mattimiro
Scene Editor

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There are plenty of prejudices when it comes to relationships and cheating. Sometimes women are viewed as crazy, stereotypically portraying these women as constantly checking up on their boyfriends and searching through their phones and so on, seemingly convinced that he is cheating on them. Alternatively, men accuse women of sleeping around, acting as “gold diggers” and other offensive terms. Both sides of the spectrum and everything in between have some sort of label when it comes to infidelity.

Part of the problem with cheating might be because there are so many variations in what people consider to be cheating. Some people are wary of their partners spending large amounts of time with other people of the opposite gender, and even how much time is considered a “large amount” is up to interpretation be each individual. What constitutes as cheating can change from person to person, but for those who want exclusive relationships but have been cheated on by a significant other, a question almost always arises: “what do they have that I don’t,” or in other words, “why?”

With rumors flying around the internet about Prince William cheating on Kate Middleton, some have taken to Twitter to express their frustration that men who are married to women who are “10’s” would have the audacity to cheat on their wives. Twitter users have turned not only to Prince William as an example of this, but also to Jay-Z who allegedly cheated on Beyoncé. So cheating doesn’t always have something to do with the one being cheated on.

If it is common knowledge that cheating is bad, then why do people still do it? In a couple different articles published in Bustle, this question gets addressed. One article claims more scientific evidence, citing things such as cheating is in human DNA, while a second article looks at a Reddit page dedicated to cheaters and those who have been cheated on.

The Washington Post published an article with a discussion with author and couple’s therapist Esther Perel who has spent time studying the subject of cheating and why people do it.
The result of these articles and many more is that it is not always just because the cheater is a horrible person.