By: Andrew Tran
Staff Writer

Picture courtesy of Memegenerator


Sorry to disappoint all of you about the misdirection of the article, but this is not about the new Avengers movie. This is about the desperate struggle of college students as the Battle of Finals Week quickly approaches. It is basically our version of the “Endgame” but on a more individual level than a worldly one. Everyone is stressed, angry, or completely cynical about the current situation. However, it is comforting and overwhelming to see the dedication of fellow college students who spend long hours at the university. Even though the situation looks very bleak, there are plenty of options students can take to survive the Battle of Finals Week.

One of the key essential things to have during Finals Week is a Finals Week survival kit and a concrete plan. A finals survival kit includes study materials such as post-it tabs, single hole punched notecards, and highlighters. These physical study materials will help students organize their thoughts and outline vital information within the notebooks and books. In addition to that, there are online resources students can use such as the Pomodoro technique, and Quizlet.

The Pomodoro technique is a time management strategy that originated in 1980. The method breaks down large tasks into tiny, manageable chunks such as 25-minute intervals with a 5-minute break. It serves to increase productivity and efficiency in completing tasks. Quizlet is another study tool for college students. it creates several sets of online notecards to help students understand specific terms. Other items to consider when preparing final exams include packets of tissues to wipe away the fragile tears of frustration and sadness as the Battle of Finals Week approaches menacingly.

After acquiring the final exam survival kit, there are other strategies to use in preparing for finals. Meditation can help the mind relax during finals week. There are several forms of meditation such as concentration, mantra, and walking. Each has their own method for countering the stress and anxiety of Finals Week. Concentration meditation focuses on the human mind on a single point such as breathing or random thought. Walking meditation emphasizes relaxation through active means such as jogging or strolling around campus for a short break. Finally, mantra concentration directs people’s emotions to a phrase or word that invokes the best version of themselves.

There are definitely more tips and strategies out there for preparing for the Battle of Finals Week; however, it is a time that truly assesses students’ character and composure in such a tumultuous time. It will be a difficult two weeks for most students at Benedictine University. Despite that, it is a challenge that most will embrace and face head-on as the time quickly runs out for preparation. Lockdown in a study room, prepare some snacks, load up some music, bring some study utensils, and study your heart out. I’ll leave you with some famous words by Captain America, “You know your teams, you know your missions. No mistakes. No do-overs. Look out for each other. This is the fight of our lives.”