Zaakirah Mujid
News Editor

The Candor editors and staff would like to thank its readers for a record-breaking 2018-2019 school year. Our weekly publications, along with clicks on older achieved articles, resulted in a total of 57,000 views. Although the majority of our readers were current students and alumni from Benedictine, we did have over 1,000 views from dozens of other countries, including Canada, the U.K., India and Hong Kong SAR China.

Beginning this Fall 2019, we are introducing a Social Media Team to help us expand our outreach. The Candor is also starting a News Video Coverage Team to help expand its diversity within the school journalism industry.

The following shows editors who are returning and incoming position holders for the Fall 2019 semester, as well as provides descriptions regarding the positions and a message to the readers. Please e-mail if you are interested in working with any of the editors listed below the chief.

Editor- in- chief: Sophia Mattimiro

Job description: Mattimiro will lead weekly staff meetings and decide on what should get published. She will finalize any edits and is the last to fact- check before publishing the articles she received from her editors. All inquiries regarding the Candor will be looked at by her.

To the readers: “I love The Candor team, being a part of the editing staff has been a lot of fun and I don’t want to stop! It’s an honor to have been chosen for this position, I’m very grateful and I’m excited to see where The Candor will go next year.”

News Editor: Syeda Saberi

Job description: Saberi will look out for BenU events to cover, as well as speak with students and faculty about what they would like the news team to look into. She will then inform her team about possible topics for the week. She will write, edit and fact- check her team’s work.

To the readers: “[This newly acquired position] will allow me to continue to pursue my childhood dream of working in publications. As a health science major, I sometimes forget the things I enjoy doing, but being an active member of The Candor will give me the opportunity to explore new concepts while still doing what I love to do, which is write.”

News Video Coverage Editor: Zaakirah Mujid

Job description: Mujid is in charge of filming, interviewing, editing clips and creating voice-over for a short video for each publication. She will help her team to create videos that show events on campus and highlight specific professors and students.

To the readers: “It’s been an honor going from staff writer, to investigative editor, to news editor… and now be able to start a whole new section is awesome. I have a huge passion for the news, and I can’t wait to unleash the news reporter inside of me for these news videos.”

Sports editor: Joseph Spahn

Job description: Spahn will cover the BenU Eagles and interview athletes and coaches. He will also inform his staff about topic ideas, even regarding professional sports. He will edit all articles to be sure they have the proper sports lingo.

To the readers: “This is a new and exciting challenge that I cannot wait to start. I hope to shine the light on Benedictine Athletics and show readers different perspectives, broadening everyone’s understanding about sports.”

Perspectives Editor: Dielle Ochotorena

Job description: Ochotorena will continue to write and edit opinion pieces about politics, the medical field, hot topics, etc. She will challenge her staff to answer the question, “what should the Benedictine community know about?”

To the readers: “I enjoy writing and talking about issues that people don’t understand is a big deal and ignore in favor of memes and social media. There’s so much positive and negative news we receive on the daily and it’s important to be aware of the issues that impact our generation and Benedictine University.”

Scene Editor: Amber Syed

Job description: Syed will highlight everything Hollywood: movies, trends, celebrities, etc. She will work with her team to determine the most newsworthy topics.

To the readers: “I’m so excited to get the position for the scene editor! I think this part of the newspaper is going to be so fun to write for, and I have so much potential for topics!


Social Media Editor: Matti Oshin

Job description: Oshin and her team will expand The Candor’s social media presence by attending events, posting to different media platforms, planning an event on campus to help gain followers and thinking of new eye-catching design options.

To the readers: “I am excited to bring my love for social media and my knowledge in digital communication together for this position. [I will be] bringing new ideas to boost the reach of The Candor’s readers.”