Sophia Mattimiro

Scene Editor




Most people have heard of ‘the black market,’ whether that means envisioning back alley stalls with stolen paintings, someone on a street corner, or shady Facebook deals. The black market is known for stolen jewelry, art, even body parts. Something that might be unexpected to find on this illegal market is makeup. Major makeup brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, who had over $4 million worth of product stolen, and now Jeffree Star, who had well over $2 million worth of products stolen from him last month. A portion of the goods included makeup from his unreleased collection Blue Blood.

Last week, Star released a video on his YouTube channel explaining what had happened. A team of people went through the roof of one of Star’s warehouses and stole a large quantity of makeup. In the video, Star expressed frustration over the loss of majority of a single shade of concealer.

Fans have been tagging Star in all sorts of social media posts that have been popping up with the stolen merchandise, but considerably the most surprising was the discovery of stolen, expired, products being sold at a Burlington Coat Factory.

Star took to his social media and revealed that some of the makeup that was stolen was expired, and had been taken out of a “destroy pile.” He pointed out the old label on the cosmetic as proof.

“There is a pile that is called the destroy destruction pile,” Star explained. “When things are expired or things are bad and old, we put them in a pile, someone comes and takes them away, and they get incinerated,” Star said.

The past month has been a lot for Star, but he has praised law enforcement for their help, and still plans on launching Blue Blood later this month.

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