Yasmeen Ahmad

News writer

Apartheid Week is when Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) take initiative to host multiple events/activities to spread awareness concerning the Palestinian conflict. This year, the events took place from March 25th to March 29th.

All Photos are credited to Yasmeen Ahmad.

sjp1SJP kicked off Apartheid Week by designing two panels to spread awareness about the parallel between the apartheid wall in Palestine, and the wall on the border of Mexico that President Trump would like to build. They offered paper for students to write their thoughts, sympathies, and beliefs on the conflict. They then hung these notes on display between the two walls.

Sjp2-COLLAGEOn Tuesday, SJP focused on informing people about the appropriation of Palestinian food by Israel. A variety of Palestinian foods were offered for free and flyers with food/businesses that commit this appropriation were put on display.






On Wednesday, they put traditional Palestinian clothing pieces on display alongside culturally appropriated pieces. This was so that people could recognize the extent in which Palestinian culture was appropriated. Pieces were also available for people to try on. Later that night, SJP hosted a “Story Night”, where a speaker from Gaza, Palestine was brought in to share his story and the struggles of living under an Israeli-occupied Palestine. This free event was open to all students and faculty to attend.



On Thursday, SJP provided students with a chance to give back, for free, at Pack-A-Pack! A table with school supplies was set up in Kindlon Atrium. Students picked up a pencil case and followed along the table while placing a variety of school supplies into the case. In the end, notes were provided for students to write messages to the children in Palestine to receive with the supply packs. Later that afternoon, a memorial service took place in the quad to honor and remember the 51 lives taken in the New Zealand terrorist attack.