Zaakirah Mujid

News Editor

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Majority of the students who live on campus will leave this Spring break. However, for some students who choose to stay, there is a mandatory fee added to their student account.

Students residing in Ondrak, Jaeger and Neuzil dormitory halls are charged an additional $150.00 to stay over Spring break.

The downside of staying on campus over Spring break is that all dining services are closed. Students who live in these dorms, which have no kitchens, must find ways to access food.

“[Since there is no access to food on campus] that’s why we don’t like when people stay on campus unless they have to,” stated Monica Miller, Assistant Director of Resident Education.

The extended stay fee is waived for student-athletes who are in season/ have games, those who work at least 10 hours a week on campus, as well as for international and out- of- state students, stated Miller.

“Those are the majority of the students who stay. Really no one gets charged for Spring break because we accommodate,” continued Miller.

Besides the lack of access to food on campus over the break, another major difference is that they do not allow guests, since Resident Assistants are not present, according to the Housing Rules.

Students who have no other option but to live on campus and are having issues with the fee, should talk to Resident Life heads Jon Miller or Monica Miller; their office is located in the SEE Center (Krasa BenUnion Underground). Fees may also be discussed with an appeals committee, mentioned Monica Miller.