Yasmeen Ahmad

News Writer

Pictured: Danya Alzein and Hana. Photo Credit: Yasmeen Ahmad

Muslim Student Associations from all over the nation take part in Islamic Awareness Week once a year, which is dedicated to spreading awareness about Islam. Benedictine’s MSA hosted multiple events and activities in honor of I.A.W last week.

Each day of I.A.W had a theme/ challenge that BenU’s MSA incorporated into their events right here on campus.

Monday’s theme was compassion and MSA took part in the interfaith story slam. Members of the MSA board told their religious stories, opening up to people on how Islam became a part of their lives. After telling their stories, they listened to other people’s stories from different faiths, allowing everyone to gain perspective on different religions.

“Organizing I.A.W was an amazing experience because I was able to outreach to people who were unfamiliar with the religion as well as help Muslims grow closer and learn more about the religion,” stated Maria Fatima, an I.A.W board member.

MSA set up a table in Kindlon Atrium that provided information about the hijab (Muslim women’s religious headwear). This “Wear A Hijab” day was on Tuesday, where MSA educated people about the importance of the hijab and why it is worn.

There was a fast-a-thon where people were encouraged to fast on Wednesday; at the end of the day, all were welcome to eat dinner in Goodwin 411. The admission fee was $5 for dinner, dessert, and for a t-shirt for the Us Against Hunger Campaign, which is where proceeds from the dinner went to.

All were welcomed to come pack lunches for the homeless on Thursday in Kindlon Atrium. MSA aimed to encourage generosity on this day by allowing students to pack lunches for homeless people. A table was set up in an assembly line where each student would fill a bag with a sandwich, fruit, granola bar, water, as well as a note for the person it would go to.

To end the week on Friday, MSA hosted an event which was open to all and free of admission, where an Islamic lecture was given by Ubaydallah Evans.

“I really enjoyed I.A.W because MSA took the time and effort to plan events that were interactive instead of just saying information to us,” commented student Laila Hammad.