New to Campus SPHINX Club takes first trip

Syeda Saberi

News Writer

Handmade V-Day cards were created by the SPHINX club before being handed out to elderly residents. Photo Credit: Syeda Saberi

The SPHINX club visited the Providence Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center to pass out cards on Valentine’s Day. The reason why this club was formed on campus became apparent during this first trip.

Providence Healthcare has its own hair salon, recreational room and a cafeteria for residents to move about. However, while the residents have plenty of space, they lack one aspect, constant interaction.

“You’re my first visitor in a long time,” said one elderly resident, who because of HIPAA, will remain anonymous.

That resident was near tears at the sight of the card. This response was unanimous for several of Providence’s residents who were not expecting such a gesture. Many of them displayed their card on their bedside table.

Though staff members are friendly with their patients, they rarely have the time to sit down and talk to each one of them, which is why the SPHINX club dedicates its time and efforts towards this population.

This contact is important because these conversations provide visual and sensory clues, which can help them form memories more easily, according to The Alzheimer’s Society report on loneliness.