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Valentine’s Day is either overrated or a beloved holiday. There’s not much in between. When it comes to getting a significant other a Valentine’s gift, it can be a hard decision. Everyone is different, and sometimes flowers and chocolates just aren’t going to cut it. However, a budget is also something that can’t be ignored. Here are some budget-friendly ideas that will make your Valentine smile.

A regular card can bore when it comes to a Valentine’s gift, but you can step up this simple idea and take it to the next level by leaving notes for them to find throughout the day. A note on a bathroom mirror, one slipped into a class folder, a lunchbox, on their car, and so on, wherever they will least expect it. If post-it notes aren’t romantic enough, write them a heartfelt letter about why you’re glad they are your Valentine.

Flowers are a great way to show someone you care, but a small succulent or cacti can take the meanings even farther. They’re easy to take care of, most require little watering. The hardy plants can be a cheesy symbol of how you’ll always be there for each other.

Dinner dates are a recognized Valentine’s Day custom, but make this Valentine’s Day a little more meaningful, and cheaper, by having a dinner date in your own kitchen. Find an easy recipe you’ll both love and have a blast making it together. If cooking isn’t your thing, find a place to go picnicking, even if it’s a pillow fort in your own living room or the Kindlon Hall of Learning’s atrium for lunch.

Valentine’s Day can get lost in the hassle from trying to please your Valentine, but don’t forget that it’s important to show them you care by being there with them, and doing something together.