Zaakirah Mujid

News Editor

Students and staff receive phone calls, text messages, and emails regarding campus closures. Photo Credit:

The Spring 2019 semester now has less total school days/nights in session than originally expected. Hundreds of classes were canceled over several days for the cold and snowy weather.

This Spring semester’s planned off days include MLK day, Spring break, Good Friday, Easter Monday and Memorial Day. According to the BEN Emergency Alerts over the last two weeks, students got some unplanned days off:

-Monday, January 28th: Campus was closed until noon.

-Tuesday, January 29th:  Campus night classes were canceled.

-Wednesday, January 30th: Closed all day.

-Thursday, January 31st: Closed all day.

-Tuesday, February 5th: Campus was closed starting 6 pm.

Although many students were happy to get the time off, some felt it caused more stress.

“I think it’s bogus that they cram in info to make up for lost time,” said Hajra Moeed, a Finance major.

Some professors opted to avoid this situation by assigning homework through D2L.

“It is important that our students are provided opportunities to maintain their learning whether on campus or off,” said Dr. Devall, Chair, School of Education.

“If I can provide the course material online and no one has to leave their warm dorm and laptop, it’s a win-win.”

There were, so many canceled classes that the original syllabus passed out on the first day of class may no longer be accurate.

“The syllabus was adjusted. The class as a whole is not disrupted as all material and assignments will be completed,” said Ricky M. Holman, Chair and Assistant Professor, Graduate Business Administration.

Many people believe the cancelations benefited commuters in particular.

“I plan around the exam schedules on the syllabus but now some exams are delayed,” said Marleen El- Zabet, Commuter Student President. “It wasn’t too bad on Wednesday and Thursday, so I don’t know why classes were canceled.”

No matter if the University stayed open or closed, there would have been mixed emotions either way.