Jennifer Flores

Editor in chief

Dr.Payne. Photo Credit: Benedictine University

Jim Payne PhD., the Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs will leave Benedictine at the end of the semester. Dr.Payne announced his decision on January 25th to accept the job as the Dean of the College of Business Administration at The University of Texas at El Paso.

The provost is the chief academic officer of the University and has responsibility for the University’s academic and budgetary affairs; he collaborates with the President in setting academic priorities for the University and allocates funds to carry the priorities forward.

“I really appreciated everyone’s willingness to undertake change, that in the long run will be for the better of the institution. I appreciate the hospitality that has been extended since I’ve been here and wish the institution the best going forward,” said Dr.Payne.

During his time at Benedictine Dr.Payne set forth the Program Prioritization last year and has been working on implementing it. During an interview, Dr.Payne explained the programs several parts.

The first part is the Electronic Audit process to replace the current paper one that we have now. This will help the customer service aspect for the students. There is also the Blending Advising Taskforce.

“Faculty will be working with the professional advisors but really the faculty worries less about the mechanics of filling out a checklist and so forth. But, giving guidance to the student in terms of their professional development,” said Dr. Payne

Optimizing class scheduling is also a part of the Program Prioritization. There will be an integration of the programs that have originally been in the graduate and adult education into the different colleges. This part is called Sgape.

Program Prioritization was created under former BenU President Dr. Brophy and Dr. Payne. This leaves the future of the program up in the air.

“I’m not sure that them deciding to leave is such a bad thing, but I do worry about how those administrative responsibilities and ongoings will be handled until a permanent replacement is found,” said senior Kori Taylor.

In an email to faculty and staff current BenU President Gregory mentioned that the school has started looking for a replacement for Payne already although it is unclear if there will be an interim for the beginning of next year.