Mike Santarelli

Sports Editor

Coach Bunkenburg and the Eagles look to put the early-season struggles behind them. Photo Credit: benueagles.com

Today [Wednesday] the Eagles head north to Madison after playing in Kalamazoo just two nights ago.  Edgewood will host Benedictine, who will play their fourth conference game of the season.

It has been a slow start for the Eagles, but a tough win on Monday night was a step in the right direction.  Benedictine led for most the second half, fending off the Hornets of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Coming off the road win, they will face an opponent that is no stranger to early-season struggles. Edgewood is currently 1-4, with a conference win over Concordia Chicago and a loss to Lakeland University 69-83.

The Edgewood Eagles are led by their guards, Jake Negus and Sy Staver, both averaging over 30 minutes per game.  Negus is averaging over 20 points per game, shooting 48.3% from the field.  Staver has struggled; shooting just 36% from the field and 50% on the line.

Benedictine lost to Lakeland on Saturday by a score of 88-90; a heart-breaker that had 19 ties and 12 different lead changes.  Eric Grygo had a career day, shooting 14 out of 15 from the field for 32 points.

Keys to The Game

  • Taking chances
  • Edgewood gives up a .494 field goal percentage to opponents, while the Benedictine backcourt holds teams to just .408 from the field. Moving the ball will create high-scoring opportunities against the Edgewood defense.


  • Applying Pressure
  • Limiting both Jake Negus and Ben Seefeld’s scoring chances will be pivotal in containing the Edgewood offense. Seefeld is shooting .659 from the field while Negus has over 100 points and has been to the free-throw line 42 times.

Even with a record of 2-4 there’s little reason to be concerned for Benedictine.  Just last year, the Eagles started off the season 0-3, before finishing 17-10 and playing for the conference championship in their final game. With a newer, younger team, the early-season progression leaves a high-ceiling for what might come.