Sophia Mattimiro

Scene Editor

Rex Finan. Photo by Sophia Mattimiro 

Rex Finan is a senior at Benedictine and will be graduating with a psychology degree this spring. Finan is an active member of the Benedictine community, participating in the Humanist club, Student Senate, and MOSAIC. He is a part of the Peace Team, a safe space trainer, and he is the president of the G.L.O.W club. Finan also finds time to work outside of school as well.


Finan has two tattoos, the first being a tribal ring. Finan described being affiliated with Mohawks, a Native tribe and how the ring is significant to him. “Circles represent the continuation of life and existence,” Finan said. The ring has a double meaning to Finan, not only is it a connection to the tribe, but it also acts as a memorial for his brother who died in a car accident.

Photo by Sophia Mattimiro

Finan’s second tattoo is of a bumblebee. He likes the outdoors and fishing, finding peace when he’s outside. “A lot of people hate on bees, but they give us life as we know it. Our existence rides on the wings of bees, whether we like it or not,” said Finan. He also talked about how the bee symbolizes life, similar to the tribal ring on his other arm.


Photo by Sophia Mattimiro


When asked if he had anything he wanted to share with the BenU community, Finan said “I spent a lot of time being too strong or too proud to ask for help. Never let pride get in the way of beneficial friendships.”