Zaakirah Mujid

News Editor

The front bumper of Patel’s car is pushed into the front left tire. There is damage to the main headlight and the bottom light is hanging off.
Photo credit: Raj Patel

There was a minor car accident in the BenU parking garage Monday afternoon. Sophomore Raj Patel was sitting in his vehicle on the third floor when he saw a vehicle speeding up as it slid into him.

“She knocked [my car] out of the parking space, while I was inside the car,” said Patel. “The impact made the other car stop.”

The campus police are aware of the driver who hit Patel and BenU police have security footage of the incident as well. The driver will have to pay for damages, according to Patel.

“The garage was snowy and icy, you can tell she’s going more than 15 miles an hour,” according to Duane Hazelwood, the Investigator with the BenU police.

Detective Hazelwood has a message for those who park in the garage:

“Slow down, it’s five miles an hour for a reason because if someone would have been walking, that would have been [even worse]. Don’t park on the ends because [the corners are narrow and a lot of cars don’t turn as slow as they should].”

Similar incident

In February 2016, BenU student Aditya Kapoor was involved in a hit and run accident in the parking garage. According to Kapoor, he came back from his night class to find his car “oddly parked”. A day later he noticed scratches and a deep dent.

“I informed the (BenU) police right away and for almost two weeks they were questioning people,” said Kapoor. “Unfortunately, no one was charged since I was in a blind spot and it was hard to tell.”

Kapoor mentioned that he was grateful to the BenU police for keeping him updated on the case, and the support he was given while submitting paperwork.