Sophia Mattimiro

Scene Editor

Whether celebrating the winter holidays is a part of your traditions or not, Black Friday can be the perfect time to take advantage of some awesome deals on just about everything. However, just about everyone has heard the horror stories of being trampled just to get into a store. Here are a few tricks you can do to hopefully avoid that scary fate, other than just waiting for Cyber Monday.

It is always important to plan ahead. Unless you plan on going later in the day when things have calmed down, it is best to know which stores to go in, and even better yet, know what you’re  looking for when you get to those stores. If you are hitting up a mall, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to map a route. This could be as simple as just saying you will work from the bottom floor to the top floor.

Another good way to keep away from the pushing and shoving is to bring someone with you. Not only is it safer to travel with other people in general, but having at least one buddy can help fend off those who may be more aggressive than others. If you’re shorter, bring a taller friend to help reach those top shelf deals. Someone can also be designated to watch over the shopping bags.

If you are going to be shopping out on Black Friday, it may be safe to skip the cute outfits. While it may seem like the whole world is out that day and you might not like to leave the house without at least a little concealer, just remember that those people are looking at the TV’s and cellphones. You’re going to want to dress comfortably, something you can walk around in for hours.