Junior Rawan Alehmoud holds her painting after feeling proud of her work.
Photo Credit: Yasmeen Ahmad

Yasmeen Ahmad

News Writer

Bottles and Bottega was an event hosted and sponsored by the Programming Board in Coal Ben on Wednesday November 14th from 8:00-9:00 p.m. This event was hosted with the intent of attracting Benedictine students to a stress-free night of fun and painting.

“I initially wasn’t interested in going, but I’m so happy I did because it was fun to paint with my friends and not think about school,” stated junior Rawan Al-Ehmoud.

The event began with each student choosing a place to sit; each seat was setup with a canvas, paint, and brushes to paint with. The night continued with an instructor helping the students start their paintings. The goal was to paint a sunset mountain horizon with hot air balloons making its way through the mountains.

Although the end painting was very artistic and seemed difficult to paint, the steps to get there were made simple enough so that anyone could follow. The instructor had the students begin by drawing simple lines to establish the foundation of their painting. After ensuring each student completed the previous step correctly, the instructor allowed the students to work independently on their art.

“Painting a blank canvas was really fun, especially doing it alongside my friends,” commented junior Jenan Abuhamdeh.