Disposable eco- friendly dinnerware and related information can be found here.
Photo credit: Lets Go Green

Syeda Saberi

News Staff

Benedictine held its annual Thanksgiving dinner in Krasa’s dining hall this past Thursday November 15th. Students gathered at this buffet style formal dinner that offered a new addition this year, eco-friendly paper plates.

“I did not like it, in my opinion that creates more waste. You can reuse glass plates and paper plates are probably an extra expense,” commented BenU student Arthur J Schmitt scholar Aki Lolis. “I don’t know whose idea it was that it would be more Earth friendly.”

The new line of Earth friendly plates were 100% compostable, according to an email from Marco

Masini, Vice President of Student Life. Dining services and BenU Student Senators were there to ensure the proper disposal of the dinnerware.

The eco-friendly idea was nice, however, the school could have focused on better initiatives to go green, according to senior Aisha Baggia.

Aside from the sustainability goal, this year’s Thanksgiving dinner fostered a sense of community that most cannot wait to replicate for next year, according to several students.

“It was my first year attending and I think it’s awesome how this event gets a large group of people together,” continued Baggia.

The event was a way for students and staff to have a BenU community dinner before heading back home to celebrate Thanksgiving with other family and friends.