Mike Santarelli

Sports Editor


Bears’ Quarterback, Mitch Trubisky, had some interesting words for Adam Hoge and WGN. It will be interesting to see how Bears fans react as they return home for Sunday’s game against the Lions, this week.

“They [#BillsMafia] jump on tables and go crazy. I love it…” Trubisky said, “…I want to see some Bears fans jump on ta…I shouldn’t say that.”

Multiple reporters took Trubisky’s words to twitter in the days leading up to Sunday’s game, and the response was vast.

Replies contained a GIF of the video linked below: containing a fan from #BillsMafia sending Benedictine graduate, Chayancze Stirbis, directly through a table and into the pavement.

Click here to see the video

When typing “#BillsMafia” into the GIF search on Twitter, the clip is now the second video that appears in the search.id

The video took place during the last preseason game of 2018 when Stirbis was attempting to promote his company, Chug Buds.

“When I think back to that day, I can still feel the impact,” said Stirbis.

The video, however, was not an accurate representation of Sunday’s game, as Trubisky and the Bears steamrolled the Bills to a 41-9 victory.  Given the clips placement and popularity in the GIF search, it’s safe to say that it will be used a lot more if the Bills are able to beat the Bears in any upcoming seasons.