Madeeha Syed
News writer

There are plenty of scholarships available for students. Photo Credit:

All scholarships can be found at the Benedictine website, under “Award Spring”. The scholarship application process for the 2019-2020 academic year is open starting November 1st, 2018 and will be available through January 31st, 2019.

There are two categories of scholarships that students should be aware of. The first are general scholarships. The second is major or college-specific ones.

93 scholarships are being offered. For example, the Allain Chemistry Scholarship is open for those who demonstrate an interest in research, plan to pursue a graduate degree and exhibit excellent laboratory technique. Applicants must be chemistry, biochemistry or molecular biology majors.

“students not reviewing and then applying for every scholarship the system matches them to.  Some of the scholarships do require quite a bit of work, several recommendation letters, an essay, proof of extracurricular activities etc.  While others only require a GPA and a major,” said Dan O’Brien, Systems Administrator of Benedictine

O’Brien also advised students on following up on their recommendation letter requests, as the system will allow the student to send recommendation requests out.

“The recommender will then receive a link where they can write or submit a recommendation letter.  Once they do this, the students’ application will be updated showing that the recommendation has been submitted. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to see all of your recommendation requests and their status on one screen…, so  students will need to log back into the system and check each application periodically to see if the recommender has submitted their letter or not,” said O’Brien

When going on the scholarship website, other resources are also available. For questions and concerns, please email or call 630-829-1805.