Sophia Mattimiro

Scene Editor

monster houseHalloween can be fun, especially sitting in front of a scary movie with some popcorn and the bowl of candy that’s supposed to be for the trick-or-treaters, until those trick-or-treaters pop up and ring the doorbell in the middle of the scariest scene of the latest horror flick on Netflix. Here are some options that might give a trip down memory lane, seem a little childish, but will still have a good chance of creating nightmares.

Just about any Tim Burton film is up for grabs, such as the controversial Nightmare Before Christmas (1993). Is it a Halloween film, or a Christmas one? Or the classic Beetlejuice (1998) perhaps. Another option, as Tim Burton films aren’t for everyone, would be the 2009 film Coraline. The animated movie follows a young girl who explores her new home and finds an alternate universe that isn’t as bright as it seems.

Monster House (2006) is often a forgotten film when it comes to Halloween movies. There’s plenty of movies about haunted houses, full of monsters and ghosts, but in this movie, the house itself is a monster.

Sometimes, with all the Halloween horrors, there’s nothing better than having a good laugh while still being in the Halloween spirit. The Haunted Mansion (2003), with Eddie Murphy, allows for plenty of laughs and ghouls.