Jennifer Flores (editor in chief) and Zaakirah Mujid(news editor)

The Candor logoThe Black Student Union held the first Club Ben of the year this past Saturday. A fight broke out during the event, and this is one of several times a fight has broken out during a Club Ben.

There was a fight between two girls at around 1:30 am, and these two individuals were not intoxicated, according to Dawn Pettis, someone who was around the two that night.

The BenU police and the BSU were working the night, but this did not stop the fight from breaking out.

The Candor believes there is an issue with how the university goes about preventing fights. There are questions that arise regarding the fighting that occurs during the Club Bens.

Should the University look into alcohol being sold at these events?

“We didn’t sell a lot of alcohol and for most of the night it was uneventful until the fight,” said Omar Espinoza, the executive chef from A’viands, who was on duty during the time of the fight.

Should there be more security? Should the ones in charge of the club bens make rules about fighting, such as creating a penalty system? Is there a problem with the space the event takes place in for example the number of people compared the size of Club ben? Or does it have to do with the time it takes place at?

The University should consider these for future Club Bens. Whereas the  BSU acted fast and accordingly this time, with BSU treasurer Damari Owens stepping up and dismissing the party prematurely.

“People stopped everything, and they evacuated everybody. They made sure everybody was safe and that no one else would be involved,” said Pettis.

There is a club that will plan future Club Bens, according to Keewan Stokes the president of BSU. The Candor believes this club should work on bettering the rules and considering all questions that could help to prevent club fights.