Sophia Mattimiro

Scene Editor

will 1
Will Schoonover. Photo credit: Keewaun Stokes

Will Schoonover is a junior at Benedictine. He is studying Business Analytics and is very active in the Benedictine community. Schoonover is a part of; the Men’s Track and Field team, the president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), and is a member of Black Student Union (BSU).

Schoonover runs the 200- and 400-meter dash.

will 2
Schoonover’s tattoo. Photo Credit: Keewaun Stokes

Schoonover explained that track has always been big for him, and something that has motivated and helped him figure out where he wanted to go with his life. He has been a part of track for nine years. Schoonover’s love of track explains why he got the U.S.A Track and Field logo tattooed on his back. It is Schoonover’s only tattoo, but it is clearly something quite meaningful to him.



Jules Rouse Photo Credit: Sophia Mattimiro

Jules Rouse, a sophomore, is an Engineering student at Benedictine. He plays on the football team. Rouse chose to come to Benedictine because he like the small campus size and he wanted to play football. He has been playing for eight years so far. Besides football, Rouse is also a part of Black Student Union

jules 2
Rouse’s tattoo of Saint Michael defeating the devil. Photo Credit: Sophia Mattimiro

Rouse has three tattoos, but one stands out the most to him, and it is a depiction of Saint Michael defeating the devil on his upper arm He got it as a graduation gift before going to college, “it’s like my mom is protecting me,” Rouse said. The “33” at the bottom of the tattoo represents where Rouse is from.