Shariq Kazi

Staff Writer

Find out the best market to sell that won’t rip you off. Photo Credit: Google

If you wanted to sell used goods online, where would you normally go? eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, or somewhere else?

As a seller, it’s important to know the costs of using big-name platforms to sell pre-owned items. For instance, eBay takes a fee of 8%-20% from 1 sale, which depends on the type of item you’re selling and how much. There are other fees, like an insertion fee when you sell more than 50 items in a month; and to receive your money you’d need to use PayPal, which charges a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 transfer. Amazon is slightly better, as it charges an additional fee between 8%-18%. With Amazon, it’s easier to transfer the funds to a bank account for free. There are also shipping costs that the buyer can pay, but shipping may still cost more than what was initially expected, and it could take longer to sell your item if you charge a shipping fee because more buyers prefer to get something quickly and free. Craigslist stands out from the two because it doesn’t charge a fee to sell most items and to the ones that are charged, it’s a low flat rate fee usually between $3-$5. Since buyers are in the city or neighboring cities, there are almost no shipping fees since you could meet locally. The downside to selling on here is not knowing the buyer’s identity, which leaves sellers prone to exploitation by online scammers.


The best platform right now is Facebook Marketplace. It’s completely free without any fees, unlike the previously mentioned websites. Using Facebook Marketplace, buyers can find the items around their area and pick it up either from the seller’s house or in a public location that they can agree to meet at. It’s not as risky as Craigslist because a seller can see a buyer’s profile and vise versa. There are similar platforms without a fee, such as the Letgo app, but nothing comes close to Facebook. Next time you’re looking at selling something online, you’ll benefit from the large market found on Facebook Marketplace with over 800 million active monthly users at no cost.