Pictured: Pumpkins and apples. Courtesy of Google.com

Sophia Mattimiro

Scene Editor

Fall is all about cozy sweaters, the start of the holidays, and of course the seasonal outings. October isn’t just about costumes and scary movies. Halloween décor can be just as fun as dressing up on Halloween night. Pumpkin carving is something that many consider a tradition for this time of the year, and whether it is or it isn’t a tradition, it can be something to do with friends this year.

First is picking out the pumpkins. Johansen Farms advertises a large pumpkin patch, as well as other attractions such as a petting zoo, making it the perfect place nearby for a fun day out with friends.

Picking out the perfect pumpkin is the easy part. Jack-o-lanterns are just the next step to a wonderfully spooky Halloween. Whether you want to keep it simple, or take your pumpkin to the next level, a pumpkin carving party is a great way to destress, especially with midterms right around the corner.

Pumpkins aren’t the only thing to look forward too. It is prime apple picking season, and plenty of orchards allow guests to pick their own fruit. Keller’s Farmstand is just one of many of these orchards.

Apple Orchards and pumpkin patches are just a couple of the places to visit this October.