Photo credit: Chicago Sun Times

Amber Syed

Staff Writer

Brett Kavanaugh, a Supreme Court Justice nominee, is accused by some for sexual misconduct allegations. Get to know some of the case facts below:

Christine Ford, the first person to come forward, says that she needs to have her story told because she feels obligated for people to know about the judges of our country. She explains that she was sexually abused by Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh and another boy. They were at a party in high school about 36 years ago. She was intoxicated and so was Kavanaugh and his friend, according to CNN.

Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick later came forward and shared their experiences of getting sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh, according to CNN.

Kavanaugh denies this encounter and also says that it happened over 30 years ago. He states that people try to bring him down because he is a Supreme Court justice nominee and that is simply what people do, according to MSNBC.

“It is difficult for me to believe what Ford says because she is missing so many details and also because she changes her story too much,” according to Senior Syed Anwery.

Donald Trump has responded by dismissing the allegations by saying this is simply a ploy by the Democrats to take away Kavanaugh’s confirmation, according to USA Today.

“I believe Ford because the things she says in court is not stuff she could lie about,” stated faculty member Karl Constant. “She took a lie detector test and if Kavanaugh is telling the truth, he should also take the test.”

The FBI are still continuing their investigation.