The Candor received this email to faculty and staff as a letter to the editor:

“Over the past few weeks, as a community we have witnessed the Benedictine values of diversity and inclusion tested.  In spite of such actions, the University remains committed to embracing diversity while taking pride and responsibility for promoting an open, welcoming and safe environment where students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds can live, learn and work in a safe and nonthreatening environment.  Our University is committed to a community that values equity, inclusion and accountability.  Diversity is a driving force that capitalizes on the contributions and talents of all making our community a stronger place.  This past May, the Committee on Inclusion and Diversity was announced and impaneled.  The Committee and our University is committed to engaging ongoing dialogue, providing programs, implementing training initiatives and most of all remaining involved in eliminating the barriers that prevent or prohibit a culture of inclusivity, compassion and mutual respect.  A Benedictine education is about competencies … competencies gained not only in the academic arenas but gained from diverse relationships and experiences throughout our community.”

“As a Benedictine community, we are responsible ‘for and to’ each other.  With that said, we must remain committed as well as diligent in assuring mutual respect one for another.  Such is the Benedictine way.”

With respect and gratitude,

Charlie Gregory

Interim President

Benedictine University