Pictured is mentalist Christopher Carter duck-tapping his eyes before beginning his next segment. Photo credit: Zaakirah Mujid

Zaakirah Mujid

News editor

Mentalist Christopher Carter came to entertain at Benedictine this past Thursday, September 6th in Krasa Dining Hall. Carter has been named Campus Activities Magazine’s “Performing Arts Entertainer of the Year”. He demonstrated mental influence, thought reading, and illusions throughout his show.

There was a rocky start to the event. Carter told the five volunteers to roll a dice and simply imagine the number that was rolled. Carter had the individuals count from one to six and attempted to read, one by one, the numbers the volunteers were thinking about. Carter stated 3/5 correctly. “You two are hard to read,” joked Carter.

“I am self-taught. I would watch others and I tried to come up with my own ways of doing it. You can’t tell what’s psychological and what’s an illusion, which is what makes this so amazing,” said Carter.

During another segment of the show, volunteers wrote down something about themselves that Carter would not have known otherwise. Some students were so shocked at what Carter managed to guess that some students escorted themselves out of the room because they were so surprised.

“I was shocked when he said my initials and started to talk about what I wrote down,” said Triton College student Alexis Connor. “He was blindfolded…. he didn’t even open the piece of paper but he guessed my grandma’s birthday on the first try.”

Other highlights from the show:

  • Volunteers thought about their first ever crush’s name. By just looking at them, Carter guessed the names. He stated 3/3 correctly on the first try.
  • A volunteer went into the audience and grabbed a shoe, wallet, and a pencil. Even though Carter’s eyes were duck-tapped, he stated 3/3 correct on the first try.
  • A volunteer wrote down a word. While Carter’s eyes were duck-tapped, he said the word “eggplant”, which was the word that the volunteer wrote down.

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