Sophia Mattimiro

Scene Editor

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In the last issue, we saw some upcoming nail trends of Fall 2018. So now that you’ve been thinking about your ideal fall outfit, you have to think about where to get your nails done. There are plenty of places around Benedictine University to consider.

Closest would be Lisle Nails. This salon provides an array of services for a reasonable price. From manicures to pedicures, gel, and acrylics, they have it all. Their Yelp review is a solid 3.5/5, with everyone complimenting the cleanliness and professional care at Lisle Nails. “I have been coming here for over 10 years, and won’t even bother going anywhere else. Best mani/pedi spot in the area, hands (and feet!) down,” a Yelp reviewer said.

Another nail salon not too far down the road, but in the opposite direction of Lisle Nails is Orchid Nails. While they don’t seem to have a website, their Yelp reviews were also fairly positive. You can find a list of prices on Locality. According to Lisle Nails’ webpage, and Locality’s list of Orchid Nails’ prices, they seem to be fairly similar, with only a dollar difference on regular manicures.

These are obviously only a couple out of the many salon choices around Lisle, but these two are considerably closer and in walking distance.