Zaakirah Mujid

News Editor

Benedictine’s Opening Liturgy and Matriculation Ceremony took place this past Thursday at the St. Procopius Abbey. New and former students of different religions came together to welcome a start to the new year.

Classes were canceled from 10:30-1:30 pm. The Opening Liturgy was a mass of the Holy Spirit. “The school year begins by asking the Holy Spirit to move in the community and imbue them with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, courage, right judgment….,” according to the mass program.

“I did find it interesting. Even though in not Catholic, I find it amazing that we’re all different religions but we all mostly still pray to God,” said Muslim freshman student Dalya Kanani. It was fun to learn about another religion.”

Interim president Charles Gregory spoke after the Mass, welcoming the freshman class and transfer students.

“This ceremony years ago was set up to plant a seed to know what it means to be Benedictine,” said Gregory. “This ceremony is about the start…. to be a contributing member of this community.”

The freshmen and transfer students were lined up to receive their St. Benedictine Medals. The students were led by the orientation leaders who first welcomed the new students to campus before the school year began.

“I think it’s important that people know where the location is. This was a good way to greet them as they enter a whole new chapter in their lives,” said orientation leader Rola Abudan.

This ceremony was especially made possible with the help of Rt. Rev. Austin Murphy, O.S.B and all the monks at St. Procopius Abbey. An outdoor lunch followed the ceremony for all to enjoy.