Omair Ali

Perspectives Editor


Benedictine University enrolls students with diverse backgrounds, ambitions, and circumstances. Many students have rich lives and are busy as responsible individuals with athletics, jobs, families, and other obligations on top of their coursework. Many students also come to Benedictine University with a specific aim in mind that can often be difficult to achieve while balancing their personal life and work life. That is why it’s important for students to learn how to manage their expectations as life becomes stressful during the stressful year.


Understanding how to keep up with one’s schedule is made easy when one upholds Benedictine University’s values, especially the hallmark of obedience.  According to this hallmark, one should focus on listening to others and complying to orders given by authoritative figures. According to The University’s Center for Mission and Identity webpage, upholding obedience is also to “live mindfully and well,” Applying this hallmark to one’s own life, obedience can be the act of listening to one’s mind and body and balancing life to reconcile both demands in the healthiest and most reasonable way possible. It is important for students to understand the expectations of their aim before they commit to it.

An effective approach to managing one’s expectations is to be mindful of one’s stress. One should also be honest with how capable they are with managing the obligations they have. While some people may believe they have a lot of drive, they must ask themselves whether they can sustain the drive for long enough to keep up with all their responsibilities. Others may need to ask themselves if they can maintain an expectation based on their past accomplishments. If not, one should be considerate of their own capabilities. Although an expectation cannot be met in the immediate moment, students should always recognize that personal improvements and progress can be made when time allows in the future.

In all cases, managing one’s expectations is an endeavor that can only be fulfilled by the individual, who knows themselves better than anyone else does. Students should always aim high enough to maintain their ambition for success, but not too high where they will become overwhelmed by their responsibilities and stumble towards failure. At the end of the day, students at Benedictine University should emphasize their well-being and personal growth rather than become overwhelmed by their ambitions and become vulnerable to suffering.