Benedictine Theater Club Talent Show

Claudia Rojas

Staff Writer

The Benedictine Theatre Club hosted a talent show on Saturday, April 28. It was a successful night for the performers and the coordinators of the event. The Vice President of the Theatre Club and host of the show, Jacob Tarlow and technical crew members Joe Warhurst, Dimitri Karlos and Adam Holt, played major parts in putting the show together and made it a night to remember.

Photo Courtesy of Claudia Rojas.

The show was filled with singers, dancers, and even stand-up comedy as Tarlow kept the audience engaged and ready to see the next act.

“I was very impressed with the show’s turnout, both terms of talent acts an audience attendance. With the sheer variety and quality of talents on display, I don’t know how anyone could have walked out of Goodwin without a smile on their face,” said Tarlow after the event.

The eleven acts were judged by President Michael Brophy and Marco Masini as they determined who would win first place with $100 cash, second place with $50 and third place with $25.

Four winners went home with pockets full of hard-earned cash as they celebrated their win with families and friends. Third place was tied between Kayla Tucker and Danny Mangala for their performances. Tucker performed a unique dance to “The Caribbean Challenge” by DJ Flex & Carvell. Mangala played ukulele while singing “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. Both performers will be given $25 each for their win.

The second place winner, Tim Gant, danced to “Hermitude” by The Buzz, making the audience roar with his robot-like dance moves and flexible motions. The first place winner, Haniah Jasso, sang “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone, giving the audience chills with her high notes.

Other performances include Jess Avanzado playing guitar and singing “Mine” by Bazzi, providing the audience with a relaxing version of the popular song. Chris Wido took the audience back in time, singing “Luck Be a Lady” by Frank Sinatra while wearing a tuxedo, top hat and dancing with a cane and made the audience fall in love with his performance.

The Benedictine Theatre Club thanks the performers, families and friends and judges for a wonderful night full of laughs, tears and entertainment. This was a great way for graduating seniors to leave Benedictine University with a bang.