Not Another Teenage Horror Film! – Truth or Dare

Samara Wiley

Staff Writer

If you are considering seeing “Truth or Dare” ask yourself are you ready to fall into the cliché of suspense, bad decisions, the supernatural and not to mention untimely death! This film highlights every teenage horror film that has left a bad taste in your mouth or unless you get dared to play!

Truth or Dare looks to capitalize on recent Horror movie trend. Photo Credit:

Film Overview: Truth or Dare stars Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale and Teen Wolf heartthrob Scott McCall as headliners as well as Nolan Gerard and Violette Beane. The movie is directed by Jeff Wardlow, who directed 2008 Mixed Martial Art film Never Back Down. However, his newest project may lead one to wonder what happened with this film, where the chills down our backs that we need to feel for us to be frightened?

Review: Critically, this film has done terribly. From the trailer alone, having not seen the film, I give this film a three. I mean it looked fine, the acting didn’t seem bad, but the storyline is predictable. This film tried too hard in my opinion to be a thriller/horror film. Some of the scenes reminded me of the films similar to Nine Dead, which I actually liked, but this one doesn’t seem to hit the mark. Furthermore, Critic Jeanette Catsoullis of the New York Times compares this film to the Final Destination Franchise, which seems like a reasonable comparison. The film came in third place in the box office its opening weekend behind Rampage and A Quiet Place.

This film might surprise some people, so if you want to take a chance then head over to the theaters and see this film, even just for a laugh at the ho-hum horror that awaits.