How Students May Face Hiring Discrimination on LinkedIn

Kathleen Rusch

Staff Writer

Many students that are preparing to enter the job market spend hours creating their LinkedIn profile. They carefully search for the proper words to describe their work experience while tirelessly listing the achievements they’re most proud of. However, some students are concerned that they won’t be judged based on their career and academic accomplishments, but instead their race, gender, religion, or health conditions. As a result, some students may be left wondering what information is best for their chances of being considered by recruiters.

After creating a LinkedIn profile, students are encouraged to upload a photo of themselves for hiring managers. However, a discussion on LinkedIn questions whether users should upload a photo due to hiring discrimination. The discussion asks whether job applicants should handle discrimination from hiring managers upfront by publishing a profile photo or removing the photo and handling any issues later during an interview. To address hiring discrimination, LinkedIn published an article last year describing how some companies are trying to eliminate discrimination from the hiring process.

LinkedIn has become a significant resource in professional life, however one must be careful about what they post to avoid discrimination of any type. Photo Credit:

Students are warned by their parents and professors to monitor what they post online in case a hiring manager finds their personal profiles. While some students are aware of the consequences of posting pictures that reveal questionable character, they may not be aware that posts that allude to their religion, health, or previous job experiences can have consequences as well. Although it’s illegal for hiring managers to discriminate based on a person’s religion or health, there may still be bias when they learn of an applicant’s religion or a chronic health condition.

Unfortunately, bias and discrimination will inevitably be a part of the hiring process, and students will need to consider what information they want to make available to potential employers. For further assistance, Benedictine students who are struggling with building their LinkedIn profiles or other career-related preparations can contact the Academic and Career Enrichment Center to speak to a career adviser.