Samara Wiley

Staff Writer

The Avengers: Infinity War is a film that has intense energy, power play action and one question: whose team are you on?

The Avengers: Infinity War comes out April, 27. Photo Credits:

Overview: The Avengers are back for their next adventure! Directed by brothers Anthony and Joe Russo and starring Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chadwick Boseman as the Black Panther, and Karen Gillan as Nebula among the many other celebrities in this star-studded movie. This time the crime fighting superheroes must work together and devise a plan to stop this threat before it’s too late!

This film has brought our favorites hero’s back, however this time with the help of some new allies like Black Panther and his crew. Gear up for this power play of action, fighting and some smart witted comments in this fight of a lifetime! Whether you’re for action or a fan of the franchise or both, just from the trailer, I believe this film won’t disappoint!


Hitting theaters at the end of April, this next installment of the Avengers is a powered-packed adventure this time pitting the heroes against a powerful enemy that threatens the existence of the galaxy, the evil Thanos. His plan to gather up all the Infinity Stones- which are the most powerful gems and can wipe out half the galaxy! This guy means business. Now the only way to stop him is to call everyone together, there is no time for fun and to reminisce when the world is on the line. Bonds are united and teamwork is the most valuable lesson. How are they going to stop him exactly? Well you will just have to wait and head on over to the theaters on April 27 to find out!

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